Anabolic Steroids - The Game Changer in the History of Olympic Games

Anabolic Steroids - The Game Changer in the History of Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is a leading international sporting event covering the Summer and Winter sports competitions. Athletes from around the world participate and compete with other top level competitors to grab hold of the title. However, in the pages of history of the Olympic Games, anabolic steroids have proven to be a game changer for many athletes.
Many of them have tested success in their respective field of sports due to these effective compounds. But, as the events are organized for competing at a par level, several speculations have been brought down on the use of these performance enhancing drugs. Learn more about it in the next passage of the post!

What are Steroids?

The steroids are synthetically derived performance enhancement drugs enriched with some amazing properties. The user can experience great health, give better performance, and gain the chance of winning in the competition. The key element used for its derivation is the powerful male sex hormone Testosterone. Other ester and elements are added to varied products for manufacturing the ultimate compound.

Steroidal Compounds & Their Connect in the Olympic Games

The use of performance enhancing elements can be tracked down to the beginning of the Olympic Games. With the passing of time, the items for performance enhancing elements have undergone massive changes. In the modern Olympic Games, these are trace down as steroids whose usage has increased amongst the athletes.
For instance, the world renowned marathon winner Thomas Hicks has been accused of using steroids in the 1904 Games. He has been found positive of using Strychnine and Brandy during the race. During the 20th Century games, several athletes have started discovering the true potentiality of testosterone - the base element. However, its existence raised eyebrows on the laws of the game making it a threat for all the other athletes. Hence, in the later stages several of these compounds have been banned for administration in the game.

Steroids in Olympic Games

The Use of Steroidal Compounds in the Summer Olympics

The Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) are strictly banned from the Olympic Games from a long period. As per the records, the first doping test, conducted by the International Olympic Committee was held in the year 1968. The first banned element used by an Olympian was Ethanol.
Ever since, the banning of the PED’s, several athletes used to develop new methods for clearing off the test. This causes the development of other highly potential steroidal compounds that were undetectable in the doping test. Runners, Swimmers, Bodybuilders, and other athletes have achieved the winning edge in the game with the help of this game changer.

The Use of Steroidal Compounds in the Winter Olympics

From the beginning of the Olympic Games, evidence of Athletes using steroidal compounds can be detected. Similar to that of Summer Olympics, the traces of the PED’s were also found in the Winter Olympic Games. Several of the top rated athletes and performers were banned from proceeding further in the game. The presence of performance enhancing drugs brought them, great results but at the cost of their career.
The highly enriched potentiality of these compounds has brought the attention of athletes towards it. With the adequate intake of the elements, they have experienced massive benefits in a quick span of time.

Popular Anabolic Steroids Used by some Olympians

If you intend in attaining the benefits administer them but with caution. Excessive administration of the dosage might bring you mild side-effects. Listed below are some of the highly demanded anabolic compounds that has been used by a number of athletes in various Olympic Games.

· Boldenone
· Clenbuterol
· Mesterolone
· Methandienone
· Nandrolone
· Oxymetholone
· Salbutamol
· Stanozolol
· Testosterone
· Tibolone
· Zeranol

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