Anabolic Steroids - The Secret Element of Success in Sports

Anabolic Steroids - The Secret Element of Success in Sports

The natural hormones produced in the human body are responsible for a wide range of functions. For enhancing the physical attributes to great heights, people these days use Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. Steroids are synthetically derived hormones having the base element natural testosterone. You can search for a wide range of anabolic compounds made available to users worldwide. These are generally used as performance-enhancing drugs by male and female athletes. Its use is not new to be found in recent years, its traces can be dated back in the pages of the history of sports.


Traces of Anabolic Steroids in the World of Sports

The first evidence of steroids can be tracked down back in the1930s.  It was then derived for treating a problem of male growth hormone hampering physical growth and sexual properties. The case of ‘Thomas Hicks’ - the Olympian who had been held back from his winning position is well-known to all. It was recorded as the first ever conducted doping test. But, within a few years, its definition of benefits changed into a performance-enhancing element.


The Miraculous Working Mechanism of Steroids in Your Body

The athletes, power-lifters, and bodybuilders use anabolic steroids with the intention of attaining desired results in a short span. Over the years, a number of sportspersons have administered the elements and had enjoyed a winning edge in the competition. In fact, the speculations of steroids bringing any harm to their health have also been proven negative by many of them.


The miraculous element when injected or orally administered gets dissolved in the bloodstream. It spread all over the body evenly on practicing the regular fitness routine. This ultimately results in increased muscle mass, better endurance, faster recuperation, enhanced physical growth & development.


What Prompts Users to Administer the Steroidal Compounds

The news of steroidal compounds used by various sports personalities spread wide among the general public. This prompts them to administer and experience the great benefits of the compounds. Even though a number of elements were banned for sale in the local market yet people get access to it through the virtual shops.


In the current period, the various steroidal compounds are used mainly for non-medicinal purposes. It is used for increasing muscle mass and strength, and for other physical attributes. The steroidal compounds are not just restricted to the limits of the fitness enthusiasts. In fact, these are also administered by a number of renowned athletes, powerlifters, and bodybuilders. You can merge up daily fitness exercise and planned diet for attaining great results in a faster manner.


A few of the Steroidal Compounds banned by the NCAA

A number of people including athletes and bodybuilders have been using various steroidal compounds. This gives them a winning edge in their respective field of sports. During the tests conducted on various athletes, different anabolic drugs sample was found in blood. After that, for setting up a healthy competition among all the participants, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) has banned numerous anabolic drugs. The list includes:


  •          Androstenedione
  •          Boldenone
  •          Clenbuterol
  •          DHEA (7-Keto)
  •          Epi-trenbolone
  •          Testosterone
  •          Etiocholanolone
  •          Methasterone
  •          Methandienone
  •          Nandrolone
  •          Norandrostenedione
  •          Stanozolol
  •          Stenbolone
  •          Trenbolone


The Contribution of Steroidal Compounds among the bodybuilders

Even after the restrictions imposed, the amateur and professional bodybuilders continue to use steroidal compounds during their training period. The following up of well-planned diet, rigorous exercise routine, and of course, these health products make them reach their goal in a convenient way.


The sports personalities experience muscle development and growth, physical endurance, massive pumping of muscles, lean and attractive physique, etc.


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