Halotex Biosira (Halotestin, Fluoxymesterone) 100tabs (10mg/tab)

Halotex Biosira (Halotestin, Fluoxymesterone) 100tabs (10mg/tab)

– Manufacturer: Biosira Pharmaceuticals

– Pack: 100 tablets (10mg/tab)

– Chemical Substance : Fluoxymesterone



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So I ended up finally getting some ftw Halotestin, and let me tell you it’s GREAT for increased aggression, strength increases, and hardening, as well as endurance! I used Halo on a cutting cycle, as I did not see bloat from this and saw an increase in vascularity (which I love!). I ran it at 35mg a day for 8 weeks in the mid to end of a Test cycle I was doing. It really got my motivation and drive up in the gym to lift that little bit more that I was plateauing at which was great to push through the next wall. Exactly what I needed and I was super happy to finally run it, as most my gym buddies haven’t run it before I did, now they are looking into it. As it has a short active life I would take it at three separate times —> Pre-breakfast, Post-lunch, and right before I would go to bed. Although it’s not much of a weight gainer, I would definitely recommend PSL’s Halotesin for strength, fat loss, and endurance. Definitely running this again when I start Jiujitsu again!